We know amazing coffee requires respect and trust. Our goal is to build fruitful relationships and empower our partners to deliver a noteworthy coffee experience every time. Roasting great coffee is just one part of that. We’re also here to provide the tools, education and training to help create top-notch coffee programs.

When you partner with Blue Ridge Mountain Coffee, you get more than great coffee. You get us.


With extensive experience managing and making coffee in commercial settings, we understand the daily demands of a quality-focused shop. We consider our clients collaborators, and we want to share years of confident and sustainable growth.


Coffee service doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to make sure you get what you need – and nothing you don’t. It’s our job to stay in the know about the latest gear so we can help you make prudent equipment purchases, get you dialed in, and pass along preventative maintenance strategies to keep your coffee on point for years to come. 


After you’ve partnered with Blue Ridge Mountain Coffee, we won’t leave you hanging. We’re happy to field any questions about anything. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does. Just give us a call.



+ Orders should be placed by emailing - barry@blueridgemountaincoffee.com

+ Orders received Monday - Thursday will be roasted and shipped the next day

+ Orders placed Friday - Sunday will be roasted & shipped Monday


+ Free delivery for in-town orders

+ Shipped packages should arrive 1-3 days after shipping


+ Retail bags come in cases of six 12-ounce bags

+ Bulk coffee comes in 5lb bags

+ Free shipping on all orders over $250.00


Personalized service is key in our ability to assist you to consistently deliver a quality coffee experience. If you are interested in partnering with Blue Ridge Mountain Coffee, please fill out our contact form. 



If you are interested in a wholesale account or have any questions, please contact our sales department at 252.288.2380 or email Barry Bauguess at barry@blueridgemountaincoffee.com.